FIIL Wireless Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2016-09-29

This headset comes with quite a bit of new technologies like Bluetooth V4.1 support, ANC, capacitive controls right on the headset cups but also integrates NFC, can operate in both wired and wireless modes, while the necessary cables are offered for both Android and iOS platforms. The headset is ready for taking calls, navigating through music players, can be connected to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, while the integrated 570mAh battery allows quite a bit of usage during a single charge. The supplied FIIL+ application completes the product by offering easy switch for ANC mode, different EQ presets but also simulated 3D surround effects for different environments.

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Product Features

Sophisticated technology, remarkable quality


Aviation-level aluminum alloy surface boasts extraordinary color performance; 5N lateral clamp force plus slow-rebounding retentive memory foam gives your ears appropriate softness.


Professional music performance


Despite being wireless, FIIL Wireless boasts strong sound quality by virtue of its Apt-X or AAC CODEC technology and near lossless Bluetooth transmission. Moreover, it features DSP technology and is able to produce enhanced sound effects through excellent technical optimization and debugging. Its Stereo Enhancement technology creates wide-space feeling, allowing the listener to relish the magic of a Stereo field.


Sound quality is never the business of speakers


In addition to the usual speaker, the circuit of the headphone coupled with bass boost audios + double-damping and double-rear chamber acoustic system creates amazing sound and lets you enjoy the music coming from your smartphone.


Amazing reproduction of every detail


With the best headphone, you feel as the singer was live on stage in front of you so that you can notice his/her emotions and even a twitch on his/her face. FIIL’s comparison with the original acoustic waveform has confirmed its reduction degree and sound presence, its Stereo effect can immediately put you into the atmosphere. As a perfect blend between art and technology, FIIL enables you to feel the emotions of music better.


We just need some peace in a rather chaotic world


On the downtown streets, in a crowded subway or in a restaurant after lunch, if you want to listen to music quietly or simply want to be left alone and in silence, it is not impossible!


Wireless freedom for you


Put your iPad or smartphone on your sofa and put on the FIIL Wireless and now you can enjoy live music everywhere around the house; FIIL Wireless frees you from cables as it understands that time is precious.


Feel free, wear comfortably


The silky protein filament selected as the material between the FIIL and your ears has a smooth feeling, offering matchless softness with great comfort. Moreover, you can enjoy music freely while standing, lying down, walking or dancing, in any condition and at any time.


Gesture touch control


Swipe your headphone’s right cover and embark on a great journey. Only move your finger gently up and down and the volume can be easily adjusted; move left and right gently and the current song can be switched to the previous or next one. In order to bypass this, you can also use the step-less volume adjustment by keeping the upper or lower headset area pressed; long presses can be also used for switching between songs.


Go-as-you-please FIIL+


FIIL+ application brings various listening modes and experiences; it does not only feature different sound environments, but also permits boosting the bass, having natural original sound and a resonant high pitch, but also helps performing OTA Firmware Upgrades to the headset.


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