Noreve Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Case (Tradition - 21172T) Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2016-08-29

The Tradition 21172T case from Noreve, tailored for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is meant to offer all-around protection, while having cut-outs for the smartphone main interfaces, including the handy notification LED light. The frontal speaker is protected against dust with an additional grill and the case is reinforced with thermoplastic polymer so it won’t cause additional interference (lower the signal strength). While our review sample had the Serpent Nero finishing (from the Horizon range), we do get 11 more colors to choose from, each with its own finishing.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

Over the years, we have been accustomed with the high-quality cases from Noreve, and the product we are going to present in this article is no exception: the Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Case, code name Tradition 21172T; the product does feature a vertical flap, while the manufacturer also produces two more models with a horizontal flap, a pouch, but also a rear cover.


The case does arrive in a cardboard packaging, which is wrapped itself inside a transparent plastic bag:




The Noreve-specific design can be seen all around the enclosure, which does feature a combination of red and black colors, while the product logo is located in the middle:




On the side we will be able to spot an additional sticker with the full product code name (including the finishing type), the serial number, the smartphone the case was meant for, but also the color of case:




The Noreve cases also get wrapped inside a signature textile bag, which do sport the company logo in black; on the inside of the top cover we will be able to spot the pictogram of the iconic St. Tropez Church Clock Tower:




The product sample we have received takes part of the Horizon range (special hand worked leather) and depending on the chosen color, we will get a different finishing; ours is the Serpent Nero one and shows a premium, professional look even when it is being checked out from a close distance:




The frontal cover of the area fully protects the screen of our Galaxy S6, but leaves openings for the speaker grill, the notification LED, while in the top right corner we’ve got one chromed Noreve logo:




Since we are talking about a vertical flap model, the leather hinge is located on the bottom area; here we’ve got cut-outs for the headphone jack, the charging port, the microphone port but also the loudspeaker grill:




On the right side of the case, Noreve has provided a cut-out for both SIM tray (many manufacturers keep this one covered, so one extra plus for Noreve design), and the Power button:




The top area does also feature cut-outs for the second microphone and the IR Blaster of the Galaxy S6:




Moving to the left side, we’ve got the cut-out for the Volume + and Volume – buttons:




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