Razer Turret Living Room Gaming Mouse and Lapboard Review

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Razer Turret was thought as a compact peripheral which can act as a wireless gaming keyboard/mouse perfect to be utilized in living rooms were the use of wires becomes annoying and very unaesthetic. When the 2.4GHz interface is used with the supplied dongle we do not get to see delays during operation for both devices and since the keycaps of the lapboard keyboard are of the same size as on a regular laptop, people can also use it successfully for office tasks or browsing the Internet.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


PC gaming on the couch – with full mouse and lapboard setup


Designed with the single focus of bringing the PC gaming experience right to the couch, the Razer Turret consists of a fully-fledged PC gaming keyboard with full anti-ghosting and a highly precise gaming mouse with a 3500 DPI sensor. The integrated magnetic mouse mat ensures that you never have to worry about your mouse slipping off even during the most intense gaming sessions.


Gaming grade wireless connectivity - for lag free gameplay


The Razer Turret comes with dual wireless connectivity, so whether you’re connected to your console via Bluetooth LE or to your PC via the bundled wireless 2.4 GHz adaptor, you’ll always be able to play lag free without a hitch.


The wireless connectivity delivers the superior performance of desktop grade gaming hardware, so you’ll be able to enjoy the unfair advantage over your opponents from your lap, right in the living room.


Designed for the living room – ultra slim form factor and long battery life


The Razer Turret’s ergonomic and ultra-slim form factor has been made to perfectly fit on your lap. The foldable hinge ensures that the lapboard is unobtrusive and dockable to be part of the living room when not in use.


Made to withstand even the most action-packed gaming marathons, the Razer Turret has built in high capacity lithium polymer batteries, so your kill streaks will never be interrupted by unwanted battery warnings. By supporting up to four months of usage on the keyboard (40 hours of non-stop play on the mouse) you won’t have to charge the Razer Turret after every use.



Product Specifications:



• Anti-ghosting capability for up to 10 simultaneous key presses

• Chiclet styled keycaps

• Dedicated Android buttons

• Battery life of up to 4 months - The life expectancy of this battery depends upon its usage

• Battery type: Li-Po (1500 mAh)



• 3500 DPI sensor

• 40 hours battery life for continuous use - The life expectancy of this battery depends upon its usage

• Battery type: Li-Po (1000 mAh)


Package Contents

• Razer Turret mouse and lapboard

• Wireless 2.4GHz adaptor

• Charging dock

• Wall adaptor

• Important product information guide


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