GELID Silent Pro 14 PWM Case Fans Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by stefan @ 2016-07-18

The new Silent Pro 14 case fans from Gelid did impress us positively because they are able to drive plenty of airflow while staying silent enough. The PWM feature means that it is not mandatory to have them connected to a fan controller in order to regulate the speed, but the fan RPM will be modified continuously based on the load of the system, when plugged in to the motherboard; PWM profiles can be also altered via the system BIOS in order to have a perfect balance between noise and cooling performance.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

GELID Solutions has been for quite some time in the PC cooling business and recently the company portfolio has expanded in order to include other products too. In the current article we will focus our attention upon one of their latest products, the Silent Pro 14 PWM fan. The product includes a new PWM IC which eliminates the clicking noise of regular fans and when connected to a motherboard, the speed can regulate from 450RPM up to 1500RPM, depending on the mobo PWM setup.


The product ships inside a themed cardboard enclosure, with a small window so we can see how the fan does look like without the need of unsealing the package:




The back side can be checked out for a product description and here we also have the list of technical specifications:




The main product features are represented with icons on the lateral sides:





What items do we have inside? Well, there is the obvious Silent Pro 14 PWM fan along with the bundle, which is placed in a separate transparent plastic bag:




A sticker is available which each of the fans in order to mount it on the case:




We also get a set of rubber fan mounts which are easy to install:




The Silent Pro 14 does come with Hydro Dynamic Bearing system and 9 white blades, optimized for high airflow and silent operation. While the fan is a 140mm design, the mounts are compatible with 120mm design. The problem is that if we need to install the fan on 280mm radiators or cases which do only have 140mm hole mounts, we need to purchase some adapters which are not coming along with the product:





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