TP-LINK AC3200 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Router Review

Others/Networking Gear by stefan @ 2016-06-29

The AC3200 router from TP-LINK is another high-end offering which does use Tri-Band technology to run no less than three separate Wi-Fi channels at once. The second added 5GHz band makes sure that more devices can connect to the router, without a decrease in performance; also, thanks to the Smart Connect feature, the devices which do need to connect to the router will be assigned to one of the channels which has least load in order to perform balancing.

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Product Features

More Wi-Fi for More Devices


The Archer C3200 uses Tri-Band technology to run three separate Wi-Fi channels at once, creating a network that can connect to more devices without a trade-off in performance.


Smart Connect helps devices run even faster by assigning them to the best available channel to balance network demand.


Seamless Streaming and Gaming


With the fastest combined Wi-Fi speed of up to 3200Mbps, the Archer C3200 lets you simultaneously game online and stream video in 4K Ultra HD across multiple devices without lag.


Maximum Coverage and Stability


Six high-performance external antennas greatly increase the Archer C3200’s range and signal stability. Beamforming technology further improves the router’s coverage by helping it locate wireless devices to form stronger, more reliable connections.


Run All Your Devices At Once


A powerful 1GHz dual-core CPU and three co-processors easily handle the demand made on the Archer C3200’s network when multiple users are browsing, streaming, and gaming all at the same time.


Lightning-Fast Wired Performance


External hard drives can connect directly to the Archer C3200 via its USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, making it easy to share files, photos, music, and video across your network.


The Archer C3200 is also equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet ports that enable blazing wired speeds 10x greater than Fast Ethernet, helping connected gaming consoles, PCs, and smart TVs achieve their best performance.


Easy Setup and Use


Set up the Archer C3200 in minutes thanks to its intuitive web interface and the powerful Tether app. Tether also lets you manage its network settings from any Android or iOS device, including parental controls and media sharing.


Guest Network

Provides visitors width Wi-Fi access separate from your main network


Parental Controls

Manage when and how connected devices can access the Internet


Advanced Security

WPA/WPA2 encryption creates an active defense against security


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