AVEXIR Raiden 32GB 2666MHz C15 DDR4 Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2016-06-21

After quite a lengthy development process, the Raiden series from AVEXIR has been launched, a product which reminds us of the Raiden character of Mortal Kombat which was able to shoot lightning out its hands in order to electrocute its opponents. These modules are a bit more peaceful :) , sporting plasma tubes in a blue color, which bring an unique effect to any gaming/overclocking or regular build.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:




RAIDEN Tube Type I

Upgradeable RAIDEN Tube

RAIDEN Energy Source


Hand Sorted IC By AVEXIR IC Sorting Technology

Machined Aluminum Heat Sink For Convective Heat Dissipation

Custom 10 Layers PCB For Better Conductive Heat Transfer




DDR3 investment is ending at 1866 MT/s, while DDR4 speeds START at 2133 MT/s

50% Performance boost in bandwidth

ADDR/CMD parity on DRAM

Voltage is 1.2 V lower than DDR3 1.5 V (at least 20% power savings)




XMP is the memory optimization technique developed by INTEL. You can simply install the modules to supported motherboards and get the performance enhanced via the BIOS menu just a click away by select XMP in the BIOS and you are ready to run.


AVEXIR IC Sorting Technology


Every single chip of AVEXIR memory is prescreened by AIST (AVEXIR IC Sorting Technology), and then to test the compatibility for the diversity of motherboard with 8 hours reliability test. The DRAM IC and the memory module AVEXIR use, are been tests and validates for long time working, to ensure the best stability of the system and the memory can work for long time.


Golden Finger Protector


The environment is fulfilling with the Oxygen and the water vapor, AVEXIR prepares the protector of golden finger for your memory, to prevent them from oxidizing.



Product Specifications:


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