Battleborn Game Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2016-05-06

Battleborn is another impressive release developed by Gearbox which made itself available for the PC platform via Steam (but also for PS4 and Xbox One via the respective online services). Besides single player campaign, we are able to game in PvE, PvP, play against bots, in order to unlock a ton of characters along with their taunts and skins. The MOBA + FPS genres seems to mix very well in Battleborn while the in-game cinematics are a real joy to look at. The developers also have a good sense of humor, incorporating funny dialogues between the characters in many circumstances.

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A Closer Look at Battleborn Part I

Battleborn is one of the latest Gearbox titles and brings to the table a mix of elements found in different game genres. This hero-shooter is set in a distant future, where nearly every star in the universe has gone dark at the hands of a mysterious enemy. Solus is the last star and beacon of hope for the universe’s surviving population, so a great war is being started between those desperate for the last remaining resources.


You, as a player are the commander of the Battleborn, which is an uneasy alliance of intergalactic heroes from five different factions (Peacekeepers, Eldrid, Rogues, LLC and Jennerit Empire) who have banded together to stop this dark and mysterious enemy from progressing. In order to achieve your goal, nihilistic robots, dwarves, space luchadores, interstellar soldiers, penguin-piloted murder machines and many others are placed at your disposal.


At the moment of the review, the game did weight about 21945MB and took some time to download via the Steam interface but if you have a decent connection it should be ready in no time! The load times are quite small and after the intro screen gets displayed we will be logged right away to the server. People familiar with Borderlands series will get to see some similar elements right from the menu area like the player list on the top right side or the animated background with funny stuff happening randomly. The game menu is located on the left side and in order to unlock the other sections we do have to play the Prologue:




If we do navigate to the Options area, we will be able to check out the Gameplay options, adjust the Audio settings, Video settings, Lobby options, Keyboard & Mouse bindings, Controller bindings, check out Support Info or go back to the previous area:



Here are the video settings we can work with:



In the Extras menu we can check out current Achievements or work with the SHiFT service for acquiring different unlocks:



Prologue can be played right away by clicking on the respective menus:



A very well done animation cinematic will start in order to introduce us to the main story and characters; the intro audio track by Deltron 3030 fits right in:



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