Cooler Master Quick Fire XTi Brown Switch Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2016-04-11

Quick Fire XTi does provide the same key press feeling as many other keyboards we have tested in the past from other manufacturers since it does use the well-known Cherry MX Brown switches, which are great for both typing and gaming. With this model, we won’t get extra software because all can be done directly from the keyboard itself since F-keys and many others have double functions for: adjusting the red/blue LED light accents, setting a LED lighting mode, adjusting the repeat rates, recording macros on-the-fly, set our own LED profile and more. As accessories we do get the quite handy key puller in order to remove the key caps without scratching them or damaging the switch, but also a Cooler Master-branded key cap for replacement of the Fn or Windows key one.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Sleek, minimalistic design

Sleek lines, refined symmetry, and a heavy-weight quality build help you keep things clean and simple. For gamers with style, the Quick Fire XTi mechanical keyboard sets you apart from the rest.


100% authentic Cherry MX switches with ultra-violet keycap coating

Gamers demand the best, which is why the Quick Fire XTi only uses Cherry MX switches with UV keycap coating for unsurpassed quality and durability. Get the tactile preference you prefer while the UV coating gives a textured, luxurious experience and long-lasting game play.


Multicolor per-key backlighting with built-in customization

Mixable dual color blue and red LED backlighting gives you up to 35 colors per key which can be changed and customized on-board without the use of any additional complex software. LEDs include multiple modes of operation including wave, breathing, and unique responsive effects. Be sure to download the latest firmware to get the newest LED lighting modes.


On-the-fly macro and profile support with onboard memory

Four profile keys offer quick backlighting and macro recording without hassle. Program multiple keystrokes to a single key or change per-key backlighting with intuitive keyboard commands without the need for software. Set specific keys with different colors to give yourself an edge when playing a game for the first time.


Online lighting and firmware updates

Expand LED lighting modes and keep your keyboard functioning at maximum performance with online updates and upgrades.


Detachable cable with 180° management

Quick Fire XTi cables won´t ever get in your way or clutter your desktop. The detachable cable allows for easy transport without the risk of cable strain and provides a simple way to move your keyboard out of the way when needed. Hidden underside positioning grooves gives you 180° cable management, keeping your keyboard and desktop sleek and organized regardless of arrangement preference.


Product Specifications:


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