HIS R7 360 GREEN iCooler OC 2GB Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2016-03-17

HIS efforts are to be appreciated since they have succeeded to build a new design of the R7 360 video card which now does not need an extra PCI-E 6-pin power connector. In full load, the card will consume between 47 and 48W so within range of the value HIS did report of about 50W and we can see again their iCooler implementation featuring one sunflower-design heatsink, which is cooled by a 90mm silent fan. Regarding overclocking, it was a very nice experience meaning that we have reached without a lot of effort the maximum clocks we did with the previous generation card.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Runs Overclocked Performance without the need of any 6-pin power socket


Super Low TDP (Thermal Design Power) : 50W


Lower Power consumption & thus generate less heat


GPU temperature dropped by 8 to 10 degree Celsius


HIS cards are engineered with the highest standards of safety, preventing any potential damages. Full Solid State Capacitors do ensure the best power quality and enhance the cards’ stability in different high-load situations.


The iCooler solution from HIS makes it extremely quiet so the noise level is less than 28 dB.


Product Specifications:



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