In Win 909 E-ATX Computer Chassis Revisited

Cases & PSU/Cases by stefan @ 2016-03-15

909 is definitely a case for computer enthusiasts which can take quite a bit of time to do a decent cable management and show of the internal components properly and also offers quite a bit of customization possibilities thanks to its secondary chamber in the back. We can install cooling systems both in front, on the bottom, in the back but also in the last compartment and we must make sure that the airflow will be optimized correctly so all components will be kept in reasonable temperature ranges. Because of its minimalist design, we do not have any ports or buttons in the frontal area of the unit which is beautifully crafted thanks to a single piece of 4mm brushed aluminum shell; these have been migrated to the lower left side which tells us that the case was mainly designed to sit on our table and not hidden somewhere on the floor.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Impressively Detailed Craftsmanship


909 is constructed with solid materials, and its chamfered edge design along with the sleek anodized aluminium are beautifully crafted to masterfully create a streamlined and smooth enclosure inside/out.


Simplicity in Design


909 features a single piece 4mm brushed aluminium shell and an elegant back panel that hides unnecessary rear I/O cables. The clutter-free design demonstrates the elegant aesthetics of simplicity.


Tempered Glass Side Panels


The side panels are finished entirely out of 5mm tinted tempered glass which reveals the internal LED light, and overall enhances the 909 into a truly modern and dynamic appearance.




909 is equipped with one all-new reversible USB3.1 TYPE-C port for ultimate speed transfers up to 10Gb/s which is twice as fast USB3.0.


Magnetic Aluminium Dust Filter


The front intake fan dust filter has an embedded magnet design for easy removal creating a convenient installation and more importantly excellent dust reduction


Elegant Lighting Effects


A high-quality chassis should look beautiful when powered on and with the 909 it has a white LED strip creating various lighting effects to illuminate the PC interior beautifully highlighting the interior components


Unique HDD & PSU Chamber Design


The separate HDD and PSU chambers provide an ideal thermal environment by allowing heat airflow to dissipate directly to the back venting holes without interfering with the motherboard and graphic card area, and significantly improving the ventilation.



Product Specifications:



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