Toshiba EXCERIA M301-EA 128GB microSDXC Card Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2016-03-06

The M301-EA series is another mainstream storage solution for people which need to record precious moments with their smartphone or digital camera, but also for recording Full-HD content without the need of deleting previous content thanks to the 64GB and 128GB large capacities. The card performances are very similar to the N301 and the product is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Up to 128GB to Capture and Carry with You


Record all your exciting moments with your smartphone or digital camera. With a huge capacity of up to 128GB you can keep all your pictures and Full-HD videos with you without having to delete some of your precious moments.


Capture Your Precious Moments


Great for enthusiastic photographers, the EXCERIA™ microSD™ M301 card series provides the ultra-fast speed and capacity you need to catch the perfect moments in Full-HD.


Includes SD Adapter


The Toshiba M301 microSD™ card is fully compliant with the latest SD Association specification. With the Adapter, it is compatible with SD or SDHC™ slots.


Secure Your Files


With the Toshiba write-protect feature, you can prevent accidental overwrites.


5 Year Warranty


Engineered to Toshiba’s famously high quality standards, the Toshiba SD Memory Cards are backed by a solid five-year limited standard warranty.


Product Specifications:


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