OVEVO Fantasy Pro Z1 LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2016-01-16

Before receiving the Fantasy Pro Z1 LED Lamp we were a little bit skeptic on the overall sound quality because we did have previous experience with the Razer Ferox quite some time ago and while these sounded good on high frequencies, the bass was pretty non-existent. The small speaker seems to do wonders with this model because it can deliver clear highs combined with bass at decent volume levels; we have often turned the volume to maximum levels while paired with our Meizu MX4 and on several tracks we did not spot any distortions. The software seems to bring a decent level of customization to the product by adding light effects but it does not reside for now in Play Store and we need to download it from the website after scanning a barcode from the manual.

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At first we would like to thank OVEVO for offering a sample of their Fantasy Z1 LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker for testing and reviewing.




About OVEVO:


“VEVO, who is the Music Service Website from Google, Universal Music and Sony provides the music and video for three TOP music company of the world. It became the TOP music service website in US and top publisher of music.


The OVEVO products are based on the music culture of the VEVO website, while the Bluetooth technology was


Since December 2010, the OVEVO Bluetooth series of earphones have come quite popular in Europe and USA, while some users have claimed that they are “the perfect combination between Sport and Music”. This is the spirit of OVEVO.”


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