Thecus W4000+ Windows Server NAS Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2016-01-09

Thecus has made an interesting variation on the market with their W4000/W4000+ NASes (a 2-bay and also a 5-bay version is also available) considering that we no longer have a Linux distribution on our server but Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials and the product can be used from scratch like a regular PC. Windows Server 2012 is quite complex for entry-level users and we can clearly say that we would not recommend this product for home use simply because it is not as easy to set up as a Linux-based NAS and also requires a Connector software to be installed on each and every station in order to integrate the client with the server (and implicitly the newly created internal domain).

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At first we would like to thank Thecus for sending a sample of their W4000+ NAS Server for testing and reviewing.



About Thecus:


“In today's networked world, digital content is truly the most precious asset. At Thecus, we take pride in developing innovative storage solutions that keep data safe and secure. Founded in 2004, the Thecus team brings decades of R&D expertise, Thecus brand marketing channel development, and a strong customer focus to deliver high-quality products that meet the storage needs of individual, small/medium business and enterprise.


Thecus focuses on hardware and software integration and development, and the core protocols of digital media storage. The result is products that are easier to use and can offer greater connectivity to consumer devices. Thecus envisions greater integration of data storage for both home and office environments, and we strive to be a pioneer in these fields and provide our users with the products that are second-to-none.


To develop optimal storage solutions for such a wide range of users, Thecus has assembled a best-in-class development team with extensive experience in both storage hardware and software development. By combining engineering expertise with a keen focus on the end-user experience, Thecus builds products that are not only powerful but easy-to-use, making advanced storage products accessible to users of all skill levels. Thecus' mission is to transform the most sophisticated technology into easy-to-use solutions to introduce comfortable network storage environment to people's everyday life. By crafting technology that is transparent as possible, Thecus continues to bring exceptional data storage solutions to advanced users and organizations around the world.

Core Values


Quality, innovation, integration, and reliability -- the four pillars that Thecus was built on.


Quality - Commitment to bring only the highest quality products to the marketplace.


Innovation - Investing vast resources into research and development to provide high performance and easy-to-use solutions.


Integration - Understanding consumers' needs and bringing the most complete product line to serve various types of applications and environments.


Reliability - Bringing the most secure, easy-to-use, and reliable storage solutions available.


By expanding service and product coverage worldwide, Thecus' mission is to establish an international service network. Committed to Thecus core values, the entire corporate, research and development, sales, and technical support teams firmly stand behind this commitment of service. We put our words into actions to show our clients that Thecus is the number one choice when it comes to network attached storage solutions. We promise to deliver innovative solutions that empower users, and in doing so, become the top brand digital storage devices.”



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