SteelSeries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2016-01-01

After testing the Siberia 200 headset along with the Sound Blaster ZxR while watching movies, some TV shows but also some games, we were happy with the fact that the output is clear, without relying heavily on lower frequencies as some gaming headsets do, while the stereo separation is clearly noticeable, which helps mostly in FPS games. As we have realized from doing some Skype conferences and Mic tests, the quality of it is quite average so if you do a lot of Twitch streaming and want the people on the other end to hear you in pristine conditions, we would like to say that Siberia 650 with noise suppression capabilities should be a better choice.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

SteelSeries have recently launched another headset from the Siberia series, which is baptized as 200, comes in no less than seven colors, is lightweight and marks itself as quite affordable judging by its price. On a first look it does have a resemblance with the white Siberia v2 we have tested quite some time ago and really enjoyed (but that one was USB powered and also had LED lighting on the exterior of the cups). Our sample has arrived in the black color flavor and the packaging does feature the new SteelSeries color scheme:




Some of the product features can be seen listed on the side of the enclosure:





For more details on the product components, we can check the back side:




Let’s see what we do find inside….as a bundle we will get an adapter, but also some documents separately:




SteelSeries did not forget to also include a set of stickers:




The jack adapter is meant to mark the Siberia 200 compatibility with all possible devices:




We will also see inside the headset which is kept fixed inside a transparent plastic mold:




Here is a quick look at the main product; Siberia 200 employs quite a lightweight design and the suspension headband makes a return, thinner than the one we have seen with the v2:





Similarities with the old model can be also seen on the sides, which sport a tiny SS logo:




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