HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook 15-ak020NB Review

Mobile/Laptops & Netbooks by leeghoofd @ 2016-01-20

HP notebooks are known to many users as daily or as business products, this as they didn't have any or that many notebooks specifically targeted at the gamer community. From the press release in October we at MadShrimps were intrigued by the direction HP took, so it was worthwhile to test the new gaming notebook and see what it is made off. Best of all HP told us that this new announced product would be very competitive in price too; now I'm an avid gamer too and have never been so found of notebooks being able to replace a high end desktop. Maybe the HP Pavilion Gaming notebook could make me change my mind?

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A Closer Look

The AIDA64 software listing the major components of our HP Pavilion Gaming notebook:



The Pavilion Notebook we received was one of the high end versions; storage wise one can opt for different versions: with hard drives up to 2TB, the possibility of a Hybrid HDD up to 1TB or a dual storage with a 2TB HD and a 128GB Solid-State drive. Our review sample had a 128GB SSD and a Western Digital 1TB drive, pretty standard for a desktop PC and thus for most users the amount of storage be fine, though gamers might require a bigger SSD as some game installs easily exceed 35GB.

For the processor choice where one has to choose between probably an I5-6300HQ (speculation) or the I7-6700HQ model as in our sample. To be honest, an Hyper Threading capable processor is maybe a tad overkill for a gaming setup and the i5 could lower the street price quite a bit.

Sound-wise the Pavilion Gaming notebook is enhanced thanks to the partnership and integration of the Bang & Olufsen Play since early 2015. A similar move many notebook vendors have made before, the end-user can enjoy clear and crisp audio, no more sound distortion or cracking noises!

A HDF IPS 15.6" screen with optional touch version is also on the option list, though this would really be the lowest priority on my checklist when looking for a gaming setup :) but at least we mentioned it!



Gaming attachments include two USB 3.0 ports - one with HP Sleep and Charge (self explanatory I guess), one USB 2.0 port, one HDMI port for hooking up an external display, and another storage medium in the shape of an SD card reader. For optimal internet connectivity the RJ45 allows the end-user to enjoy lag free gaming. Cable over WiFi anytime!!!



Time for some tests...

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