Rantopad MXX Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2015-12-28

Despite the fact that the Rantopad MXX does not feature software for additional configuration purposes, we were quite impressed with the build quality of the keyboard, while the compact (TKL) size and space-grade aluminum cover give the product a professional look. MXX does come for now with Gateron Black or Blue switches (and aluminum covers in blue or dark grey), but in the future we will also see white and red variants introduced and a much wider switch selection, including Cherry MX RGB switches.

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Product Description, Specifications

Product Description:


With its minimal 87 character keyboard design, detachable USB keyboard cable and overall sleek design, the Rantopad MXX Gaming Mechanical Keyboard combines function, freedom and a powerful, play-conducive feel.


Enjoy the contemporary look and feel of the MXX keyboard’s unique style, its space-grade aluminum cover and its outstanding cool and comfortable surface areas protected through anode oxidation to resist corrosion and offer outstanding wear resistance.


Fourth-generation, organic coated keycaps, N-Key rollover and a 1 millisecond gaming-grade response speed give you the advantage you need to maximize your playing and be consistently competitive.


Product Specifications:


Mechanical Switches Provide a Lifespan of 50 Million Clicks per Key

Monochrome LED Backlight

Space-grade Aluminum Cover

Detachable, Gold-plated, Braided USB Keyboard Cable

87 Keys

N-Key Rollover


Rough Size and Weight


Length: 385mm (15.15 inches)

Width: 124mm (4.88 inches)

Height: 44mm (1.73 inches)

Weight: 650g (1 pound, 6.92 oz. excluding cable)


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