G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 RGB Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2015-12-16

RIPJAWS MX780 is the first entry of G.SKILL in the gaming mouse peripheral market and they have aimed to make a good impression by using good quality materials, a proven Avago ADNS9800 laser sensor with DPI available up to 8200, 512KB internal storage for saving profiles, adjustable weight system and its ambidextrous design allows both lefties and right-handed people to use the product in optimal conditions by simply changing the side grips. Also, we would like to remind of the adjustable mouse back via the supplied tool and the four separate light areas which can be customized via the software interface.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

Besides RAM memory and SSDs, G.SKILL has recently launched itself in the already-crowded gaming peripheral market, which is very competitive. Many other manufacturers produce mice, keyboards in all shapes and forms, with or without LED lighting and their software for controlling the devices become more advanced day by day. We must not forget firmware updates which often fix bugs or add new features to the devices, but let’s get more focused with the current MX780 RGB mouse; the product is shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard enclosure, with a photo of the product on top, along with a list of its main features:




The frontal area also opens up like a book in order to reveal more details but here we can also view the product as well since it sits under a transparent layer along with its accessories:




The back area will give us a more complete list of product features:




Alright, let’s unseal the box and see what we do have; the mouse along with its accessories are further protected inside a plastic mold and a Quick Start Guide can be also spotted separately:




The Quick Start Guide is accompanied by a Warranty Guide leaflet:




More details regarding the product can be seen in the guide, and one example would be a highly detailed product drawing for identifying all its components:




As accessories, G.SKILL has included two weights, one adjustment tool but also two extra side grips:




The small weights have a rubberized layer around them and are marked with their weight value:




If we look on the insides of the side grips, we will discover that these feature magnets for mounting:




The RIPJAWS MX780 mouse does feature both black and metallic paint plastic on the top and laterals, while the inner core is made of aluminum; a first look might fool you a little that the top and laterals are made of aluminum too because of the high quality finish:




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