SteelSeries Apex M800 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2015-12-02

SteelSeries really succeeded to make a difference with the brand new mechanical switch design, which is capable of lower 1.5mm actuation, a 3mm throw and 45cN force (similar to Cherry MX switches). The central LEDs now allow a more uniform lighting of the keycap while the lettering/digits are made from semi-transparent plastic in order to allow LED light shine through. This is not all! We do also have a larger, re-designed Spacebar key for easy access, extra keys for programming, replaceable bottom feet, a dual-CPU configuration for allowing N-key rollover (up to 256 key presses at once, overkill) and dual USB 2.0 ports for connecting multiple low-powered devices.

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Product Features

Engineered for Speed


Inspired by the design of the popular Apex gaming keyboard, we set out to make the fastest mechanical gaming keyboard without compromise. We thought of everything: from the low-profile design to the fast-reacting switches to the dual processors.


Unlimited Customization


As gamers we are all different. But whether you like to destroy your enemies, explore new areas of the latest x-pac or build a new city, the Apex M800 has virtually unlimited ways in which to customize it to make it yours. From advanced custom lighting schemes, to advanced text macro creation, to in-game integration, the M800 has everything you need to make it yours…


Attention to Detail


We are obsessive gamers. We know what works for gamers and what doesn’t. That’s why we obsessed over the angle of attack of the keyboard to make sure that your hands wouldn’t tire as quickly as they would with a traditional board. We sweated over the ideal key shape to allow you to glide faster between key strokes. We even insisted on a clear dome on the illuminated switches – so the keys would be the brightest on the market. It’s the little things that matter.


Newly-designed Switches


We partnered with experts in switch technology to create the perfect switch for the M800. The result is the incredible QS1 switch. With a smooth linear action and 25% faster actuation than the traditional mechanical switch, the QS1 is built for pure speed.


QS1 switches have a 3mm throw depth, a 1.5mm actuation and only require a 45cN actuation force. All of the design choices in the QS1 switch specifications were made with two goals in mind: React faster and spend less effort as you destroy your competition!


Low-profile Layout


The keyboard is built at an ergonomic low angle and with an optimally designed linear key layout that cuts down on finger travel distance. This allows for seamless, quick transitions between keys and across the keyboard for less fatigue on your fingers no matter how furiously they fly.


Dual Processors


Your 600 APM would go to waste if the brains of the keyboard couldn’t keep up. That’s why we added an additional CPU inside the M800 that is dedicated only to processing key presses. No lag, no excuses. And when the gaming gets hectic, N-key rollover allows up to 256 key presses at once with zero issues.


Quick-access Keys


The left side of the keyboard features 6 quick-access macro keys. This gives you more choice, customization and control right at your fingertips.


And just like every other key on the Apex M800, these are also fully programmable.


Individual Key Illumination


All of the LEDs on the M800 are individually customizable and feature a centered LED and a clear switch housing. The new keys are the perfect solution to show off your keyboard’s 16.8 million colors and 8 brightness levels with crisp illumination and minimal light bleed.


N-Key Rollover


Apex M800 is a zero ghosting gaming keyboard. In game mode you could press up to 256 keys at the same time. Thankfully you don’t have that many fingers, the M800 doesn’t have that many keys, so you never have to worry about a missed key strike in the heat of battle.


Cable Convenience


Some additional features were packed in to make life easier managing your devices and cords.


No more worrying about cables getting in the way of your gamplay, we crafted a cable management routing area under the center of the keyboard.


We also built in a USB 2.0 hub to give you quick access to your USB devices.


Lighting Patterns


We built in some incredible pre-configured lighting options, like Breathe, Color Wave, Cooldown Timers and Reactive Keys that highlight the keyboard’s vibrant and crisp illumination. Further personalize Apex M800 by creating and programming your own illumination designs.


Powerful Macros


Our feature-rich macro editor is incredibly easy to use, for both casual and advanced users. We even include powerful text-based macro capabilities, for unlimited macros from SteelSeries Engine to the in-game console. M800 can also record macros on the fly with a simple button press.


To top it off, every key on the Apex M800 is individually programmable to any keyboard key, mouse button, media control, application or macro.


Custom Profiles


We broke the mold with the M800, ditching the typical limits on customized profiles. Configure and save as many variations in your keyboard’s lighting and programming as you want and instantly remap them with the touch of a button.


Fire up a game and SteelSeries Engine 3 recognizes that, instantly changing settings for you. When you change over to a different game your fine-tuned settings will switch right along with you.


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