B2C Telecom Premium Custom Bookstyle Case for iPhone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by jmke @ 2015-09-28

Today we take a look at the at product from B2C, they offer custom printed bookstyle cases for popular smartphones. We design a colorful Madshrimps case and take an iPhone for a spin. 

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Introduction & Designing a Case

If you're reading our site, chances are high you are the owner of a smartphone. Each year the screens get bigger, brighter and more durable, nonetheless they are prone to breaking when you drop them at the wrong angle. With the introduction of the smartphone came the smartphone cases, and a whole new market opened up. Today we take a look at the bookstyle case from B2C Telecom which has a webshop in Belgium and Netherlands, and also specializes in repair of broken smartphone (screens).



B2C specializes in selling cases which you can customize with your own photos and clip-art, they make them for a wide selection of smartphone manufacturers, so chances are high they can build a case for your smartphone that fits nicely. We start our review at their site where you get to navigate a few screens to select the correct phone and case type. Not all covers can be custom printed, choosing a bookstyle type gives you the most surface to unleash your inner design god.


An iPhone 5S is our test candidate, finding a compatible case is straight forward, even if you don't speak Dutch. You end up with a selection of cases where you see price and availability. We go for the RED bookstyle case:



Clicking on "upload a photo" starts up their WYSIWYG cover editor; left side you get a template of the cover your choose, right column filled with options to fill it up. We started of with uploading a photo of a microprocessor and added our site's logo to the front and side. Our slogan "Being Mad Doesn't Hertz You" should be visible if we close the cover and the phone is resting on a flat surface.


You can add images from their inventory,  choose fancy color for text and font, even a fancy overlay (which does cost extra) but did not look that good for our design choice. There's a limit of things you can add though, starting with an empty template you quickly hit the 5 object limit. It would be awesome if B2C provided a Photoshop template people can download to make their design and then upload to the site!



Once your happy with your choices, you can preview the end result in your browser in 3D, which is very cool and gives you an excellent idea of the final result!



We pressed the order button and in less than 3 days the postman delivered a package at our doorstep

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