Fractal Design Node 202 Enclosure Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2015-08-13

One of Fractal Design's highlights at Computex 2015 was for sure the enclosure we are taking a closer look at in this review: the Node 202, a small footprint chassis, combining sleek and the typical Fractal looks. Nevertheless the dimensions, this Node 202 provides the option to install a high end gaming graphics card, thus making it ideal to serve as a HTPC media PC and/or gaming rig, this while blending in perfectly with other multimedia peripherals in your living room. The Node 202 is available in two versions, one with and one without the Fractal Design Integra 450W power supply. Fractal Design was so kind to send us the high end model with the PSU. Time to open the box and explore what this Node 202 can mean for you.

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A Closer Look

Below is a top view of the two compartments sandwiching the small Storage area for maximum two SSDs or 2.5" HDDs or a combo of both. No optical drives are supported out of the box. On the below shot once can clearly distinguish the  power extension cable and the far too long USB and audio cables. Before buying any extra hardware for the Node 202 make sure they are within the below specs; these are clearly listed on the Fractal Design homepage.

The top, like mentioned before, needs the unscrewing of just four screws. This lid comprises a fourth dust filter, which is centered on the motherboard area, thus increases the ventilation or enhances the airflow centered on the processor cooler. Fractal warrants adequate operating temperatures without any added case fans. This Node 202 has to rely entirely on the numerous vent holes on the sides and the three dust filter equipped cut-outs near the CPU, GPU and PSU area.



The top dust filter is the only one that is easily removable; the other ones aren't really that accessible as we need to remove the bottom cover. It remains hard to please everybody. Minimalist in size means one will have to make some small sacrifices for the sake of design or elegance.



The two dust filters of the SFX PSU and GPU are fixed magnetically and as stated before only accessible after un-clipping the entire bottom cover. A not very practical solution, though the only way to go to keep the exterior as clean and elegant as possible.



Four rubber grommets are glued to the chassis to absorb the vibrations of the preferred power supply.



The typical Fractal Design white brackets had to be included of course. Only two expansion slots are available so the end-user needs to choose his graphics card wisely, no triple slot cards allowed here.

  • Maximum dimensions of the GPU are: 310 x 145 x 47mm (LxHxD)




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