Corsair HG10 A1 Bracket + H80i GT Cooler Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by stefan @ 2015-07-03

Corsair has nailed it again with the release of the HG10 A1 GPU bracket, which is recycling the stock blower fan for optimal VRM cooling and combines it with the usage of one of the available AIO CPU coolers in order to bring excellent cooling performance for our 290/290X R9 card from AMD. Depending on the water cooler selection, we would also be able to use a CrossFire setup which will take minimal amount of space in term of occupied slots. The only limitation for this design is the fact that it only works with OEM, original PCB AMD-designed cards and not with custom versions but we can always check the full compatibility list on the Corsair web page to see if our card is included.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features of the HG10 A1 Bracket


Upgrade your AMD Radeon 290 or 290X to liquid cooling for better performance


The Hydro Series HG10 A1 GPU liquid cooling bracket allows you to adapt a Corsair Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler (not included) to your GPU. It’s compatible with reference design AMD Radeon 290 and 290X graphics cards and it installs quickly and easily.


The best upgrade you can make to your GPU


Liquid cooling is superior to air cooling – it’s basic physics. With the HG10 A1, upgrading your GPU to liquid cooling has never been easier. The HG10 A1 protects your investment in your GPU, helps it run cooler, and gives you more overclocking headroom. And with the added bonus of allowing your GPU to run quieter, once you’ve moved to liquid cooling you’ll never want to go back.


Run cooler and quieter


Using a Hydro Series HG10 A1 can reduce your GPU’s temperature by up to 50° C. Most GPUs have a temperature-controlled fan, and when your GPU detects that it’s running cooler, it will slow down its onboard fan.


Multi-chip cooling


The HG10 A1 bracket combined with your Hydro Series cold plate provides excellent cooling for not only your GPU, but also your VRAM and VRMs.

Compatible with Reference Design AMD Radeon 290 and 290X GPUs


The HG10 A1 fits GPUs based on the AMD Radeon 290 and 290X reference designs.


Works with all Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers


The HG10 A1 works with the Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler you already have, and it’s compatible with the entire Hydro Series line. Have you upgraded your original Hydro Series liquid CPU cooler, and have an older model lying around? This is the perfect application for it.


Product Specifications of the HG10 A1 Bracket


Warranty: Two years

Bracket Dimensions: 240mm x 100mm x 55mm



Product Features of the H80i GT Liquid CPU Cooler


The flexible, powerful 120mm liquid CPU cooling system for high performance PCs.


The Hydro Series H80i GT is a high performance, all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that works with standard 120mm radiator mounts. The extra-thick 49mm x 120mm radiator and dual SP120L PWM fans provide the excellent heat dissipation you need for high performance CPUs. It’s Corsair Link compatible, so you can customize cooling performance, monitor system temperature, and change the color of the RGB LED lighting.


Extra-thick radiator


The 120mm radiator works with standard 120mm fan mounts for wide compatibility, but has a depth of 49mm for increased cooling surface area and faster, more efficient cooling.


Customized cooling performance


You can select the speed of the dual SP120L PWM fans via the Corsair Link control panel or any standard fan speed utility. And, you have options: use just one fan to save space, or install both in a push-pull configuration for extra cooling efficiency.


Built-in Corsair Link


Attach the included Corsair Link cable to a USB header on your motherboard and download the free Corsair Link software to unlock even more power.


You can customize cooling performance, monitor coolant and CPU temperatures, and change the color of the RGB LED lighting from the default white to match your system or to change color based on temperature readings and other inputs.


High-performance CPU cooling made simple


The H80i GT is a closed loop design that comes pre-filled. It includes a modular, tool-free mounting bracket for faster installation, and it features improved coldplate and pump designs for highly tuned efficiency.


About Hydro Series Liquid CPU Coolers


Corsair Hydro Series CPU coolers give you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy-to-install package. They offer superior cooling for higher overclocking performance, without the complexity of traditional water cooling kits.


Product Specifications of the H80i GT Liquid CPU Cooler


Radiator dimensions: 154mm x 123mm x 49mm

Fan dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm

Fan speed: 2435 +/- 10% RPM


Fan airflow: 70.69 CFM

Fan static pressure: 4.65 mmH2O

Fan noise level: 37.7 dB(A)




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