Noreve iPad Air 2 Protective Cases Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2015-02-06

Depending on our preference, we have plenty of ranges to choose from for the models they have available (iPad Air 2); Noreve can also ship the products wrapped as gifts or give us the possibility to choose a different colour for the interior lining, but an extra fee will be applied.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The latest iPad iteration from Apple, Air 2 is incredibly thin and sports high quality components; however, if we take the product a lot outside for work and other activities, we would recommend getting additional protection for it and eventually a screen shield too. Our friends at Noreve have covered us again by supplying two of their leather cases for this specific product, which can be ordered in plenty of design ranges and colours. Also, depending on the setup we choose, we may wait less or more in order for the product to be manufactured. Let us begin with the Tradition B case for the iPad Air 2 which is shipped in one of their iconic design cardboard boxes, which is also protected inside a transparent plastic bag, in order to avoid scratches during transit:





If we check on the side, we can clearly see the product code name:




Like it was not enough, Noreve also packs their natural leather cases inside a textile bag, which also sports the company colours:




On the inside of the top cover we will be able to spot the pictogram of the iconic St. Tropez Church Clock Tower:




The Tradition B sample which was sent to us does have the Bleu Clair colour and the finishing is Perpétuelle Couture; the quality of the material and finishing is very good and justifies the final price of the product; for this specific model, Noreve mentions on the website that we need to wait about 14 days in order for it to be manufactured:




In the lower right corner we will find a small emblem of Noreve:




Thanks to the magnetic closure, we can secure the top cover with ease and the standby feature of the tablet will be also triggered:





The inside of the cover sports the same colour, but it can be changed if necessary, for a total charge of 5 Euros; on the left side we will be able to spot a pocket for fitting different documents:




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