Corsair DDR4 16GB Vengeance LPX 2800C16 Memory Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2014-11-18

DDR4 has finally hit the big masses with the release of Intel's high end X99 platform aka Haswell-E. Besides the massive available bandwidth these DDR4 modules can also pack a far higher density per stick. All this goodness is available at your disposal while requiring a mere 1.2Volts. Only drawback, as per each technology at launch is the high retail price. Today we have a look at CORSAIR's mainstream kit: the Vengeance LPX series, however mainstream doesn't necessarily imply low speeds. The kit we are reviewing today runs out of the box at 2800MHz; not uber high end speeds though more than suitable to satisfy both the tweakers and the die-hard enthusiasts.

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This time Corsair is going for a more discrete approach than with some of the more expensive DDR3 modules we reviewed before. Okay we probably got spoiled with the Dominator Platinum packaging, these LPX kits are targeted more at the mainstream market, while the previously mentioned Dominator kits are either for the die-hard enthusiasts or the case modders. As they truly add to the bling factor of your gaming rig, this with or without the optional light bar modification.



Yep there is a quad channel kit packed somewhere hidden in that small box. Nevertheless the exterior shouldn't really matter as it is what is inside that counts.



The CORSAIR LPX Vengeance kits carry stylish looking low profile heat spreaders. While they look minimalistic on the cooling front their performance is well up to the task, this mainly due to the low voltage requirement for these brand new DDR4 ICs. Even after hours of pumping 1.6Vdimm these stick are still alive and kicking :)



CORSAIR claims the full aluminum design boosts the heat dissipation big time. These LPC kits are available in three color schemes: Either the Black ones we received, Blue or opt for the Red themed heat spreader to blend in with your brand new build.

After the careful removal of the heat spreader we spot that this 16GB Vengeance PLX quad channel kit is made of single sided DIMMs. On the other side of the DIMM we find a small strip of epoxy to secure the heat spreader.



These 2800C16 DIMMs consist of Hynix H5AN4G8NMFR ICs. These Hynix MFR ICs are more and more being used in mainstream kits, nevertheless our overclocking tests show these pack some serious potential. This if you are not afraid to pump some extra voltage.



The kit we received is the 16GB version, comprising four 4GB DIMMs running at a whopping 2800MHz, way over the Intel rated specs for their Haswell-E lineup of 2133MHz. These Vengeance LPX memory kits are available in vast number of speeds and quantities.





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