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The newest reincarnation of the COOKOO watch features numerous improvements and now the watches are split in two different categories, the Sporty Chic Collection but also the Urban Explorer Collection. Thanks to the simplified notification system and Bluetooth LE, the internal battery can last up to one full year and it can be replaced by simply removing the back cover with a familiar CR2032 model.

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At first we would like to thank CONNECTEDEVICE for offering a sample of their COOKOO Watch for testing and reviewing.






“ConnecteDevice Ltd is a global business specializing in the manufacture, design and development of technology-driven, visionary products and services in the appcessories field (i.e. smartphone accessories working together with an app). With engineers in the USA and Hong Kong, industrial designers in Europe, and a strong manufacturing team in China, ConnecteDevice develops cutting-edge technologies to create intelligent, intuitive, and fashion-forward products.


The company’s newly released COOKOO™ connected watch, designed by multiple-award winner Xavier Houy, provides intuitive connectedness to users who want to stay upwardly mobile, connected, and in control, without the hassle of media overload. The COOKOO watch exemplifies ConnecteDevice’s commitment to high quality, functionality, and exceptional design. The creative packaging featuring a birdhouse can be repurposed for various uses.


Other brands under the umbrella of ConnecteDevice include the soon to be released OSUNGO™ FlowerPower energy-efficient chargers, Bluetrek - an award-winning designer and manufacturer of wireless mobile phone accessories and Bob, the LostDog™, the breeder of the artistic and eco-friendly phone accessories


The name of COOKOO


We named it the COOKOO™ connected watch because like the first cuckoo clock, COOKOO is blazing the trail for a new generation of Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled analog watch that looks set to become an integral part of our increasingly connected life.


While the classic cuckoo clocks have been faithfully announcing the time on the hour and every hour and so became the centerpiece of numerous homes since the 18th century, COOKOO is a handsome timepiece of the 21st century that keeps us stay on top of our digital life.


Also just with cuckoo clock we could set the particular hours for the cuckoo bird to coo, COOKOO is easily customizable via the COOKOO App for us to pick and choose the specific notifications that you wish to receive on the wrist.”


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