Brando Nexus 7 II Protective Accessories Presentation

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2014-09-15

Brando has made available to Nexus 7 (2013) a lot of protective cases, screens and various accessories in order to use the product optimally while keeping it in mint conditions. All these are offered at low prices when compared to established brands and their quality has been increased quite a lot since our latest check-up.

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Folio Case

Next we will take a look at the Folio Case (available for about $19) which features a more stylish design and the main material is synthetic leather. Four colors are available for this one too and as we can see from the photo, we have received the red one. As the case before it, this one also comes inside a transparent plastic bag:




The Folio Case looks quite nice and also incorporates a viewing stand:





Inside we will find soft material of the same color, so we won’t scratch the back surface of the tablet; the installation can be also done with ease, thanks to the Velcro tape:





With the cover closed, the tablet is protected optimally; this time we do not have small cut-outs on the sides, but the interfaces remain easy accessible:






On the back we have one orifice for the camera and also a longer cutout for the top speaker:




On the bottom side we have two small circle cutouts for each speaker drilled inside the material; because the speakers here are mostly covered by the case, the bottom speaker may sound a little muffled:




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