CRYORIG R1 Universal CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2014-08-25

CRYORIG launches onto the CPU cooler market with a bang. Their R1 cooler is build to cool down the hottest of CPU out there, weighing over 1000 gram and equipped with 2x140mm fans this product means business, let's see how it does!

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Introduction & Specifications

Today we take a look at the first stallion out of the stable from a newly founded company called CRYORIG. CRYORIG consists of a group of talented engineers who have previously work experience from the likes of Thermalright, Prolimatech and other high end CPU cooler manufacturers. These high end computer part enthusiasts send us product with impressive specs and easy name to remember: R1.



The R1 comes in two variants, the R1 Universal, which we are testing here goes for maximum compatibility, while the R1 Ultimate is slightly larger and heavier, the differences are minimal.


The Ultimate comes with two 140x25mm fans, while the Universal features a mix of 140x25mm and 140x13mm fans, this to help compatibility with the memory slots on motherboards, the second tower is also slightly less wide, hence in total the 100 gram weight difference.


Let's take a look inside the big box ->


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