KingFast Encrypted USB Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2014-07-09

The KingFast Encrypted USB Key comes in 8GB, 16GB or 32GB capacities and for securing the internal data we have a keypad available, while the data stored is encrypted on the drive. Internal data encryption can be disabled if needed but after this procedure the data on the drive and password will be erased so the contents must be saved on another medium before the operation.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

In this article we will not look again on another KingFast SSD, but a special item which is a self-encrypting USB Flash Drive, sporting MLC flash and coming in 8GB/16GB/32GB capacities. The drive is shipped inside a small cardboard box, which shows a drawing of the main product inside a shield, representing the “secure” features:




After removing the top box cover, we will get to see the introductory guide:




Inside the guide we will be able to learn of the drive operating modes:




The drive sits inside a specially designed foam mold in order to avoid damages during transport:




The encrypted storage drive is one of the heaviest we have encountered to date and on the frontal side we can see the keypad which will help gathering access. The two top LEDs (red and green) will signal the current drive state, which are powered (along with the locking mechanism) by an internal battery. In order to unlock the drive we will have to first press the Unlock button, enter up the password (which is by default 112233) and once again press the unlock key. If all went fine, the green LED will light up and for a limited time only we will be able to plug in the drive to our computer in order to keep the drive unlocked. If we perform a system reboot or remove the drive from the port, the drive will unlock itself again. In the unlocked state we can also change the password by pressing again the unlock button for 3 seconds, input the desired password and press unlock again to confirm.

The drive also supports removing the data security guards and to do that we will have to press the unlock and number 9 keys for 3 seconds at the same time, input 110 and press unlock button to confirm:




If we look on the sides of the drive we will be able to see the aluminum chassis:





On the bottom side of the device we have a small opening for inserting a lanyard:




The back side of the unit shows the total storage capacity, in this case 32GB:




Unlocking Procedure Example


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