HIS R7 260X iCooler 2GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2014-06-26

The second R7 260X video card we are reviewing from HIS is featuring a less complicated cooling system with a single 11-blade fan while the clocks are lower than the OEM version from AMD; this translates to 1000MHz for the GPU and 1250MHz for the memory. Despite the initial values, the card is quite overclockable and is succeeding to get dangerously close to the more expensive model.

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Conclusive Thoughts

Because of the lower GPU and memory clocks of the HIS 260X iCooler model, we could experience a noticeable performance difference compared with the 260X iPower IceQ X2 but even in this state it succeeds to score over our overclocked XFX Radeon HD 7770. The initial samples were clocked a bit higher which means that the GPU was running at 1100MHz while the memory was set at 1500MHz, but the decision to change was made at the last moment, so the cards with the updated clocks will be available during the July month time frame.


The cooling system is much more compact and succeeds to provide great cooling to the GPU and surroundings by using a single fan with 11 blades. During our noise reading tests, we were able to control the speed of the fan via software, but the RPM values were not reported. Talking about the software, we can use iTurbo from HIS but we have found the same problem as when testing the 260X iPower IceQ X2: the sliders are on the 0 position and cannot move and the frequencies are not being detected. In order to modify the values, we have installed ASUS GPU Tweak and it seems that the card holds a respectable overclocking potential, nearing the more expensive dual-fan model:




With the HIS 260X iCooler, we could say that many games can be playable at full detail levels while using the 1680x1050 resolution, while in Full HD we may need to dial-down the settings a little bit in order to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


From our last 260X review, the prices came down quite a bit, considering that the R7 260X iPower IceQ X2 had an initial price of 144 Euros and now can be found in stores for about 109 Euros. As expected, the HIS Radeon R7 260X iCooler is available for less and to be more exact for about 101 Euros, which makes it quite affordable when taking the overclocking potential into account.


HIS R7 260X iCooler 2GB GDDR5 Video Card is Recommended For:



We would like to thank again to HIS for making this review possible!


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