Computex 2014: HyperX Strikes Back

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-06-25

MadShrimps has already reported a while back about the plans of the memory giant Kingston. The HyperX brand is focusing hard on getting back a serious piece of the cake to become an even more dominant force than ever.  Main focus is on the gaming community, a scene which was doomed by Intel spokesmen not so long ago. However PC gaming is still going strong, while the console action is taking a plunge. At Computex 2014 Kingston held a massive press event for their HyperX lineup. The press event was held together with a League of Legends clash between two of the main eastern pro gaming teams. Meanwhile, at the same location, the launch event of the 2014 HOT HyperX OC tour kicked off. Finally later that week the present media was kindly invited to visit the Taiwanese Kingston factory.

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HyperX Press Event

HyperX did not cut any corners at Computex. No booth at the Nangang hall, but an impressive private event location with an insane stage setup. How better then let your new lineup being showcased by pretty Taiwanese girls dressed in a leather outfit that came straight out of one of the Tron movies? Before highlighting the new products some pictures of the ongoing action.





All memory brands at Computex had DDR4 on display, Kingston couldn't miss out and had two DIMMs on display. While some vendors already advertise 3000+ speeds the HyperX crew kept the specifications at a modest 2133MHz. Further info was missing, though in September they will be ready with a full line up from entry to enthusiast series.



The successor to the HyperX Genesis aka Savage was also officially announced to the big audience. One must say the red heat spreader design looks fab and remains low profile for maximum cooler compatibility.



Below is a snippet from the press presentation including the rated speeds for the current HyperX lineup. Take note that there will be no longer any manual Bios intervention required to run these HyperX memory series.



The HyperX SO-DIMM Impact memory was displayed running at a blistering 2666MHz frequency, running at a mere 1.35VDIMM it will boost gaming notebooks and small form factor PCs to new heights.

Storage wise HyperX had the already shown at CES Las Vegas Predator PCIe SSD showing its true power. Sequential read speeds of up to 1800MB/s will make any Solid State Drive blush and even be a tough challenge for a RAID SSD setup. Seems the LSI Griffin SF-3700 is rapidly maturing and probably be ready to hit the retail shelves soon.



With the launch of the Intel Z97 chipset the decision to include either SATA EXPRESS and/or M.2 support is completely motherboard manufacturer dependent. Anyway HyperX have a medium sized 120GB variant ready with solid state drive performance of seq. reads up to 555MB/s and writes around 520MB/s; too bad 240GB or bigger versions are not yet officially announced. The low cost Fury SSD, based on the Sandforce SF-2281 controller and 128Gbit  MLC NAND is pushing the HyperX brand forward in the affordable low gaming segment. A similar direction as with the M.2 drive, only small 120 and 240GB capacities will be available at launch.

The new V310 SS, successor of the V300 will be available up to 960GB capacity thanks to the usage of Micron 128Gbit MLC NAND. A more consistent performance versus the predecessor is warranted by the HyperX crew.


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