Patriot Memory 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Viper 3 LP Memory Kit (PVL38G160C9K) Review

Memory by stefan @ 2014-06-18

The Patriot Viper 3 (PVL38G160C9K) 8GB memory kit features a low-height heat spreader for maximum compatibility with beefy CPU coolers and can be overclocked quite a bit from the stock speed if we work a bit with the latencies along with the voltages.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

Patriot has used a compact packaging for its latest Viper memory kit generations; for this article we were sent a dual channel 8GB set, with an operating frequency of 1600MHz. On the frontal layer of the box we will get to see how the modules really look like without unsealing the packaging:




On the back side we will get to see a product description in multiple languages:




After removing the top packaging layer, we will see the two RAM modules kept fixed inside a transparent plastic mold:




The Viper 3 memory is equipped with a light and high-performance heat spreader which ensures stability even in poor ventilated environments. The cooling system also presents itself with a low height in order to provide optimal clearance even when beefy CPU coolers are used:




Besides the company logo, we will see in the middle a larger product logo; Patriot have used a green PCB on this model and not black as we can see on high-end variants from different manufacturers:




If we switch the module on the other side, we will get to spot a larger sticker:




On the sticker we have the serial number, product code name, memory quantity of the whole kit, rated timings (CAS latency 9), operating speed, but also the default operating voltage:




If we look on the top side of the sink we will get to see how thin it is:




The Patriot logo has been used here again, which looks better in cases with Plexiglass windows, when we have all slots populated:




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