HIS R7 250X iCooler 1GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2014-06-09

HIS is ready with another entry-level card based on the R7 250X GPU and has built an improved cooling system for it in order to keep the temperatures at a decent level in all conditions. The card is not a speed demon, but for 75 Euros we can run plenty of titles with resolutions up to 1680x1050 while keeping the detail levels from medium to high.

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Conclusive Thoughts

With the HIS 250X, the manufacturer has fitted a redesigned cooling system and with this card we will get the exact performances as the stock model from AMD. The 250X GPU is not really a new model since at its core we have the Cape Verde architecture which was also found with the Radeon HD 7770 video cards. Nevertheless, the 250X is completely from another league when comparing with the R7 240 or R7 250 meaning that we can drive games up to 1680x1050 resolution while applying medium to high settings.


Even if the I/O shield is using a single slot, the card actually is a dual-slot model and for extra power the 250X needs juice from a 6-pin PCI-Express slot. This card has proven a little bit noisier at the maximum speed supported by the fan, BUT in regular full-load usage, even when room temperatures are a bit higher, the HIS 250X iCooler has proven to keep a low noise level, which is excellent.


It is easy to spot that we have succeeded a maximum 1130MHz overclocking level for the core on the Gigabyte model; the HIS 250X stopped at 1110MHz, but the overall performance level has been the same, which means about 5000pts in 3DMark 11, Performance mode.




As an entry level card, the HIS 250X is priced at about 75 Euros, which is about 6 euros less than the Gigabyte card. What card should you choose then? Well, we are on the fence on this one since both are great cards and the Gigabyte model also supplies a PCI-Express to Molex power adapter. In conclusion, both are a good choice for light gaming and for fitting in compact HTPC systems.


HIS R7 250X iCooler 1GB GDDR5 Video Card is Recommended For:



We would like to thank again to HIS for making this review possible!


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