HyperX again claims new DDR3 frequency WR at 2282.8MHz

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-06-06

The two Gigabyte in-house overclockers HiCookie and Sofos set a new memory frequency record during the HyperX OC event at Computex 2014. The previous record, done by the same crew was set at 2250Mhz; today they set the bar at a new level at blistering frequency of 2282.8MHz.

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A Brand New World Record

Mainboard used was the brand new retail Gigabyte Z87X-SOC LN2 motherboard, processor being the Haswell i7-4770K from Intel; the memory being of course provided by HyperX. Both memory and CPU were cooled by Kingpin cooling gear.



The competition is in its final stages with Team 1 and 2 being powered by Gigabyte products; seems they are on a roll.

Here are some pictures of the ongoing action. One must admit a very very nice event hosted by the HyperX team






Congratz to HyperX for the new WR and congratulations to a well deserved win for the Gigabyte team. Revenge seemed sweet!




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