COMPUTEX 2014: Intel unleashed the Beast OC Event

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-06-06

3rd of June 2014, Computex is well on the way. Outside the normal Nangang venue, Intel hosted in cooperation with HWBot the ultimate OC event. Even while being considered as a paper launch, the Devils Canyon processors are now officially launched, thus Intel love to put them in the spotlight. How better than via a high end level OC to show off what these new improved processors are capable off? A big thanks to Adeline and Timothé from OverClocking.TV for the photos.

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The Event

The eagerly awaited Haswell Devils Canyon processor allows overclockers to unleash higher clocks due to an improved thermal interface material and impoved packaging design. Today it was ready to be thoroughly tested by the OverClocking community at the Hotel Bellavita. This beautiful venue was the location of this 2014 Intel OC challenge event. The competition was split up in two main parts: one part was hosted solely for the professional overclockers from the four big hardware manufacturers, being ASUS, eVGA, Gigabyte and MSI; the other overclocking part was held for the eight participants of the HWBot competition. The latter was labelled as the amateur overclockers series.



The pro teams had to bench on one liquid nitrogen cooled setup and on another air/water cooled setup.

The Professional Teams consisted of:

  • Team ASUS: Elmor, Slamms, Smoke & Xtreme Addict
  • Team ASRock: John Lam, Nick Shih & Splave
  • Team Gigabyte: Dinos22, Hicookie, Sin0822 & Sofos
  • Team MSI: Pt1t, Pepinorang & Toppc

Before the event officially started, the elite teams could select five out of the numerous present Intel ES i7-4790K CPUs; all of the other hardware besides the monitor was provided by the organization. The amateurs only had the option to select their favorite brand of mainboard manufacturer and assemble their air cooled setup.

The Pro teams had to bench the brand new i7 Devils Canyon during several 2D tests:

  • CPU-Z highest processor frequency at 1core and full cores enabled
  • CPU-Z Highest memory clock frequency
  • Cinebench R15
  • HWBot Prime
  • Wprime 1024
  • XTU 4.4

The amateurs only had to complete a CPU frequency and maximize one run in the Intel eXtreme Tuning Utility 4.4.





Judges for the event were Massman, Der8auer and Leeghoofd. The rules were setup by the organizing Intel Team; as you will notice in the pictures of the ongoing action there was some room for interpretation of the air/liquid cooled setups.

Besides the event, Intel had several demo setups on spot. The unlocked G3528 Pentium Anniversary was installed in a few systems and humming along at 4500MHz.



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Comment from Teemto @ 2014/06/06
Looked like fun. Especially the inventive ways to air and liquid cool with LN2