Cougar MX300 Gaming Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2014-05-28

Cougar was founded in Germany in the year 2007; A group of computer peripheral engineers bundled forces to design PC technology with focus on human use and esthetic perfection. MadShrimps has spotted some of their enclosures and power supplies way back in 2010 at the CeBIT Messe, though with the launch of the midi-tower MX300 Gaming case we had to get a sample to see what the hype was all about. The nice looking and refined exterior design caught our eye. Nevertheless the outside is just a small portion of what a gaming case is all about.  Time to unravel the secrets of the Cougar MX300...

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A Closer Look Part I

As listed before the storage capacity is amongst the competitors offerings with up to 3 2.5" drives and another three 3 1/2 inch HDD platters. The drive trays of the latter are of a screw-less design: just gently pull them open, insert the HDD. Close the bay and the HDD is securely kept into position.





The optical drives also feature a tool-less design via a solid plastic mounting mechanism. Just turn the knob, insert the drive end then secure it. No screwdriver intervention required, however for the 2.5'' or SSD drive bays one requires to secure the drive by using screws.




Cooling wise the Cougar MX300 is a bit under-equipped out of the box with just one single 120mm fan serving as an exhaust fan. However this case has got big upgrade potential as up to 7 fans can be installed in total for maximum airflow. The addition of a second fan would have increased the retail price, though how big is the influence on the thermal performance to opt for this single fan setup.

  • Front: 2 optional 120mm fans can be installed
  • Side: 2 optional 120mm fans can be installed
  • Top: 2 optional 120mm fans can be installed





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