Intel Haswell Refresh Reviewed: Core i7-4790, i5-4690, i5-4590 and i5-4460 Tested

CPU by leeghoofd @ 2014-05-23

For once Intel didn't drop a bomb on the desktop market with the refresh of the Haswell socket 1150 processor generation. The high end processor aka Devils Canyon, which should create some commotion will only be released beginning of June, till then we have to sit it out and wait. Intel however already released their Z97 chipset, which is a requirement to get the most out of the upcoming Devils Canyon processor. The Haswell and refresh line-up are fully Z87 and of course also Z97 compatible; time to explore what is new and what is not with Intel's latest Haswell refresh line-up...

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The Processors

The four Haswell refresh processors we are taking a closer look at today are the high end i7-4790 running at 3600MHz core clocks with Turbo speeds at 4GHz; this is just 100MHz higher then the 4770K or 200MHz versus the 4770 CPU, sadly no changes in Cache or HD4600 GPU speeds, just an extra added multiplier for the same money.



The same treatment accounts for the i5-4690, again a tad faster then the previously released i5-4670.



Did we already mention the i5-4590 is 100MHz faster than the 4570? Last but not least the i5-4460, yep you guessed it 100MHz faster than the initially released Haswell i5-4440.


Time to give these new puppies a run for their money...


The test setups comprised out of the following parts:

  • Gigabyte Z97X-OC Force motherboard
  • ASUS Z77 Maximus V Extreme motherboard
  • ASUS Crosshair V-Formula Z motherboard
  • Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X motherboard
  • EK WB L240 water cooling kit
  • 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro@1600C8 memory
  • ASUS Radeon 7970HD GPU
  • Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green HDD
  • Microcool Banchetto 101 Test bench




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