HyperX displays new lineup at 2BY2 event

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-05-12

The HyperX team introduced to the Belgian press last week their new lineup. Biggest novelty was the side step from the traditional Kingston HyperX branding. HyperX is a standalone brand from now and is mainly focusing on gamers and affiliated markets. Edward, the EMEA business manager was present, together with  most of the Kingston UK team and the Dutch Lewis PR crew. The event location was at 2BY2,  one of Belgians greatest hardware distributors.

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HyperX Cloud Headset & Event Snippits

A lot of time was spend on the HyperX Cloud gaming headset. With an estimated retail price of around 90 euros this comfortable headset is positioned competitively. We have tried the headset during the meet and greet event and it succeeded in great noise cancellation. Closing your eyes would have put you into a dance hall, totally forgetting about the numerous bystanders talking & laughing. Sound clarity was great, though I rather leave that to the experts to judge :)



The headset can be used for PC, tablet and Playstation 4. Powered by dynamic 53mm drivers producing a sound response range between 15 and 25,000Hz. The design is handled by Swedish manufacturer QPAD sporting a leather padded headband, interchangeable leatherette or velour ear cups, detachable Mic and features a healthy dose of accessories. Coming soon somewhere in July is a white version of this HyperX Cloud. Around October a  HyperX Cloud pro should be revealed. The Pro version will support surround sound and featuring an improved Mic and upgraded Control Box.

The HyperX Cloud gaming headset is officially used by numerous high professional teams, courtesy of the quality and of course a bit part of the sponsorship :)



At the 2BY2 a nice HyperX booth was set up to allow the present audience to go head to head with one of Team Dignitas' top players Bergie. The top qualifier could win some neat HyperX gear. The present gaming setups systems were sponsored by Gigabyte, HyperX and Antec.




Just to give the ladies a chance he even opted to switch hands. This guy really handled Track Mania like a champ, in fact he holds the World Champion title :)







Thanks ladies of Lewis PR, for having us, much appreciated!!


To conclude, HyperX, Bergie from Team Dignitas approves!!







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