Bloody Technology ZL5A Sniper Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2014-05-12

A4Tech has come to the gaming peripheral market with an interesting proposition: the ZL5 mouse. In the reviewed version with the “A” letter in the end (activated), we get all software options unlocked which are suitable for many game types like shooters, MMOs, RPGs and so on. The mouse has a pretty sleek design and incorporates the high-performance Avago 9800 sensor for delivering up to 9800DPI in different, pre-programmed steps.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Exclusive- Advanced Invincible 4-Core System


Bloody technology offers unique 4-core system. It incorporates 4 various levels for all game requirements: "Low, High, Ultra, and Extreme."

Core 1: Suitable for RTS & RPG games

Core 2: Suitable for FPS games

Ultra-Core 3: For Advanced FPS Games

Extreme-Core 4: For Advanced MMO Games (Optional to be purchased separately)


Just 1-Time Upgrade to Enjoy Both Ultra-Core 3 & Extreme-Core 4


No need to purchase Ultra- Core 3 separately. Only pay one-time to upgrade to the optional Extreme-Core 4, and you’ll have access to Ultra-Core 3 as well! Enjoy 5-way gun adjustments in FPS shooting games and quick-1 key macros in MMO games.


The World's #1, Extreme 1ms Key Response Time


Exclusive "Ahead" technology reduces key response time to 1ms (normal time for others is 18ms). It significantly reduces the key response time stay ahead of your enemies in game play! Download “Mouse Click Speed Response” software here and see it for yourself!

Resolves ″Over-Clicking″ Malfunction


Exclusive "Ahead" Technology

Key response boosts up to extreme 1ms resolves "Over-Clicking" malfunction, greatly prolong mouse button's life span.


Exclusive- 16-grade Calibration Technology


Innovative "16-grade Calibration Technology", fine-tunes the focus between the laser-grade engine and its working textures, which makes the captured images clearer for better cursor positioning and wider working surface adaptability.


Armor Boot- X'Glide Pro Metal Mouse Feet. Durable, Sensitive, Frictionless (Included)


Advantage 1: Super wear-resistant

Advantage 2: Enhanced sensitivity - glides 20% faster

Advantage 3: Quality remains after 300Km of abrasion test


Exclusive- Gear-Style Weapon Switch


The “Gear-Style Weapon Switch” access key has long life-span and it instantly switches between the two (1/N) most commonly used weapon modes of the left button.


Exclusive - 4 Shooting Modes with the Left Button


Use "1, N, 3, 4" keys to shift left button with 4 shooting modes, e.g.,

* Single shot

* Strafe shot(or setup firearms after adjustment)

* Burst shot (or setup firearms after adjustment)

* Burst shot (or setup firearms after adjustment)


Exclusive “In-Game “Sniper Mode ( Driver Free )


Depending on individual rifle/gun, there are 16 levels of fine-tuning for the sniper sight. It greatly enhances assault and sniper capability to lock the target rapidly and precisely and win the ultimate victory.


Innovative - 6 Sniper Modes


6 sniper modes can be selected so as to upgrade sniper skills rapidly and switch swiftly between the “rifle” and “sniper" modes to shoot targets instantly.


High-Performance 8200 CPI. Instant Switch!


Click on the preset CPI key during game-play to instantly reach the desired sensitivity. Instantly switch sensitivity from pixel-precision (100 DPI) to lightning speed (up to 8,200 CPI) with 5-level CPI settings.


1,000Hz/1ms High Report Rate


During game-play, it's important that your movements (data) are delivered to the computer as to reflect movements, simultaneously! With1000hz, you can be rest-assured that data are delivered as fast as you can create them! It’s 8x faster than normal UBS mouse which has report rate of only 125Hz.


Built-in 160K Memory


Built-in 160K bit memory allows to save as many as 4000 command lines and perform macros to the max. Save the preset macros and use in other PCS when you're on-the go.


Allocate up to 3 Profiles


Every game requires different profiles, or commands, for instance in FPS games like "CS”or MMO game like “League of Legend.” Players may have up to 3 editable profiles and save the macros to each programmable key for different games, or 3 profiles for the same game, but for use in different role.


Basic Specifications


Main core: Intelligent multiple cores

Button number: 11 buttons + wheel

Encoder: High precision laser engine

Transmission: Wired

Connector: USB (2.0/3.0)

System Supports: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Cable length?1.8m


Gaming Performance


Maximum Resolution?100~8,200 CPI adjustable

Graphic Capacity: 1080 million pixels/sec

Frame speed: 12000 fps

Accelerating speed?30g

Tracking speed: 150 inches/sec(ips)

Report Rate(USB): 125?1,000Hz/sec (4 selectable level)

Key response time: less than 1ms

Profile-allocable: 3 sets

Memory: 160K bits

Key Switch life: 20 million times (for left & right buttons)

Mouse Feet Wear-Resistance: More than 300 Km




ZL5 Dimension (mm) /Weight (g)?118 (L) x 78 (W) x 40 (H) / 150 (g)


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