OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA III 2.5" SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2014-05-08

Vertex 460, another OCZ SSD which is priced a little bit lower than the previously reviewed Vector 150, features the same Toshiba 19nm Toggle-mode NAND, along with the lower-clocked Barefoot 3 M10 controller and 512MB of DDR3 1333 Micron RAM.

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At first we would like to thank OCZ for offering a sample of their Vertex 460 240GB SATA III SSD for testing and reviewing.


About OCZ:

"San Jose, California-based OCZ Storage Solutions - A Toshiba Group Company, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of industry-leading solid state drives (SSDs), a disruptive, game-changing technology that is replacing traditional rotating magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs). OCZ develops best-in-class solid state drive solutions for professionals, enthusiasts, and gamers, and is committed to driving storage innovation. With a rich portfolio of consumer SSD offerings for laptop, desktop, and workstation applications covering a range of popular interfaces and media formats, our SSDs utilize proprietary in-house controllers and firmware to deliver exceptional I/O performance, differentiated features, lower power consumption and superior reliability, all of which translate into faster file transfers, instant system boot-ups, and an enhanced computing or gaming experience.


OCZ has a worldwide presence with regional offices and manufacturing in key regions to support our valued clients, and has earned outstanding brand equity and a reputation for quality products and customer service."

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