Corsair Flash Voyager GO 64GB PC/Mobile Flash Storage Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2014-05-02

Thanks to the newly released Corsair Voyager GO USB Flash Drive, we will be able to transfer data to and from our mobile devices supporting OTG easier and faster. The Flash Drive can be also used to clear up smartphone NAND space when we reach the upper limit or do regular backups of important information in case something fails.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The next breed of USB Flash Drives seem to simplify things a lot when transferring data to or from mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) which support OTG thanks to the inclusion of the Micro-USB port. Let’s go a little in more detail by looking at the Flash Voyager GO from Corsair. The product is shipped in a pretty simple cardboard/plastic packaging and gives us a pretty clear look without the need of unsealing the enclosure:




A small product description can be found on the back side, which is written in multiple languages:




The Flash Voyager GO is not shipped alone, but with an included lanyard, an extra yellow protective cap and a small leaflet regarding warranty:




The included black cover is linked to the lanyard and protects the Micro-USB port:




Here is a closer look at the small USB port:




On the other side we will get to see a built-in USB 3.0 connector:




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