SilentiumPC Fera 2 HE 1224 CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2014-04-15

SilentiumPC send us their latest budget friendly heatsinks. Compatible with all of the major Intel and AMD platforms out there we take for a test run on a hot running setup to see how it stacks up to the reference cooling from Intel.

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In the box and Closer Look

The Fera 2 heatsink comes in a plastic shell, the fan is held inside a cardboard box, as well as the mounting gear and extras.



Featuring a compact design around four heat pipes and a large array of aluminum fins. The footprint for the Fera 2 is rather small.



Direct heat pipe touch design, the base is nicely machine polished and will only require a small layer of thermal compound to fill in the imperfections.



The goodies bag includes mounting gear for all AMD and Intel platforms, a tube of thermal compound (SilentiumPC recommends thick thermal paste for best effect), an installation manual and 2 sets of fan mounting clips (for up to 2x120mm fans). On their website you can find Youtube clips showing installation procedure. From experience it wouldn't be a bad idea if SilentiumPC included a few spares of the smaller parts (the black rubber bands) as these can get lost very easily due to size and coloring.



The included 120mm fan comes with 4-pin connector for smooth speed control through the BIOS or 3rd party software inside your OS. The bearing is Hydraulic, mounting holes are flanged, but the fan clips actually clip to the outside, meaning maximum height of fans to be used is 25mm (Delta 38mm monsters are excluded!). Mounting a second fan is fast and easy, the fan clips are very easy to apply and still provide for a secure fitting.


Installation and testing next ->

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