Corsair Obsidian 450D Mid-Tower Computer Case

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2014-04-28

Corsair introduced early this year at the CES fair another case to the strong Obsidian lineup: the Obsidian 450D. Being labeled as the smaller 750D variant it blends in perfectly between the existing range from the humongous full-tower 900D model to the cube shaped Obsidian 250D. The 450D model is here to satisfy the need for a spacious interior combined with an optimized air flow, ready to fit crazy customized water cooling equipment. Nevertheless combining this with the sleek looks and design, typical of the Corsair Obsidian series.

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A Closer Look Part I

With both panels removed one can directly spot the humongous cutout for easy CPU cooler installation. The chassis is made out of 1mm thick steel; the provision for storage out of the box looks sparse at first glance. Two optical devices and up to three 3.5" HDD trays are foreseen, though keep in mind the concept of this case is cooling performance, not to serve as a storage monster.





Four oversized cutouts with a rubber membrane are provided for that professional cable routing touch; the 8 Pin CPU plug can be easily routed through the top hole.




The entire HDD/SSD cage can be easily removed by removing two parker screws. Normal 3.5" HHDs can be installed tool-less, installation of a SSD needs screwdriver intervention and the removal of one push pin.





The optical drives click into position and are firmly secured by the locking mechanism. Alike the 750 Obsidian case, Corsair added a couple of quick removable SSD trays, this time on the backside of the motherboard tray. Even though these don't have the same rigid look as the ones bundled with the 750D, though are capable of doing their job perfectly fine.




The front I/O panel has been slightly trimmed down by omitting two USB2.0 ports. The in and out audio jack, a miniscule reset button and the two USB3.0 ports on the right hand side; in the middle the Power button is located with integrated power and HDD activity LEDs. The Obsidian 450D rests on four plastic feet with rubber insert.




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