Cooler Master CM Storm Pitch Gaming Earphones Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2014-04-03

Cooler Master has recently entered another gaming audio segment by producing the CM Storm Pitch, which feature high-quality non-tangle cables (with a catchy red color) and adapter for connecting to our PC (separate microphone/headphone jack ports). These are better to be used for gamers which are frequently on the move and use their smartphones/portable consoles for checking out the latest releases on the market.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:


Powerful Sound


Large 10mm drivers for crystal clear highs and powerful bass. Ergonomic ear-bud design for maximum comfort and noise cancellation


Solid Housing


The solid metal earphone body is first anodized and electrically plated, and then marked and engraved with a high power laser for maximum durability


Inline MIC and Remote


The built-in high sensitivity microphone records clear audio within a limited range to avoid background noise. An intuitive design makes it a breeze to switch between music, games and phone calls


Tangle-free Cable


The extra-flat and ultra-durable cable prevents most knots and twists – never spend 5 minutes un-tangling your earphones again!


Audio/MIC Splitter


Every Pitch comes with a splitter with separate audio and MIC plugs for laptops and PCs that do not feature a mobile all-in-one 3.5mm port



Product Specifications:



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