CeBIT 2014: A Quick Tour

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2014-03-13

The Hannover Messe is getting less and less interesting for hardware enthusiasts as myself. Almost all the interesting vendors were located this edition at the Planet Resellers booth; selling is the name of the game, not just show your brand new lineup to the masses. Some big names didn't even bother to prepare a booth for the CeBIT 2014 tradeshow: Gigabyte was not present at all. Neither was ASUS, besides a small stand with professional Laptops. The Media usually got invited into small press meeting rooms to get an insight in upcoming products; definitely not the way to go, but the current outcome is the result of a small and steady decline in interest from the hardware manufacturers. Main focus remains at CES in Las Vegas and Computex in Taipei. In this last article we are looking at some great products from eVGA, Enermax and Bloody Inc; for MSI and Fractal we direct you to the two CeBIT specials.

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Enermax & LEPA

The Enermax and LEPA booth was located just outside of the Planet Resellers booth showing off a dozen of new cases in all sorts, sizes and colors. For those who are not familiar with the LEPA products, these are based on Enermax technology and manufactured in the same factory; though the LEPA offerings carry slightly different specs and they are retailing at a more affordable price level.



Main highlight was their brand new passive Power supply powering a dual SLI setup while maintaining safe operating temperatures. Rated at 550W, Enermax claims it to be the highest wattage commercially available power supply. Operating temperatures are warranted above 100°C before the power supply will shut off. The included digital software allows close monitoring of the wattages, temperatures, 12V Rail usage,...





Nice piece of hardware though the insane price of 200 euros will be a tough nut to crack. LEPA will offer soon a 530W version with a more affordable price tag.

The Ostrog GT will be Enermax's flagship case, supporting L-ATX motherboards and Quad SLI/Crossfire graphics setups.





In the footsteps of the other enclosure manufacturers Enermax showed their first try at a Micro ITX case, the ECA1010. Sporting a brushed aluminum front and the possibility to enhance the ventilation with a total of 4 Fans, the shown model is one of the latest test versions, so final design can still be altered.

LEPA presented their case lineup and two new AIO liquid coolers in a 120 and 240 version. The tubing has got integrated reinforcements to withstand kinking and the test of time.






Alike Enermax also listing in the LEPA catalog, notebook cooling solutions with integrated speakers. Their massive P1700W power supply is one of the strongest versions out there.

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