Avexir Blitz 1.1 Memory Modules Presentation

Memory by stefan @ 2014-02-27

Avexir comes to help system builders or enthusiasts which would like to pair the components inside the computer esthetically in order to have a cleaner and more professional look. The Blitz 1.1 modules are also equipped with LEDs for offering additional eye candy and the heatspreaders are quite easy to disassemble.

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A Closer Look Part III

Avexir Blitz 1.1 ECS L337 Gaming Red


GANK Machine models can be also paired with the red version of the ECS L337 heatsinks:




On the back side the same design is available, but this time with the specs and authenticity sticker:





Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original


Avexir has also built a proprietary “original” design which could fit on any motherboard. This time we are dealing with a red/black combination along with small chromed accents:




As we have been accustomed, on the back we have the same design along with the specifications sticker:





Heatsink removal


The heatsinks of the new Blitz 1.1 series have been built for easy disassembly; after removing the two top screws we will be able to remove the top cover which has integrated specially formed plastic through which the LED lights reflect light:





The memory module PCB is sandwiched between the two themed aluminum heatspreaders:




Here we have the module with the heatspreaders removed; the interface between the memory chips and the heatspreaders is a long thermal pad:




On the modules we have found Hynix H5TC4G43MFR which is 4Gb low power Double Data Rate III Sync DRAM




Between the memory chips we have SMD LED lights:




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