Aerocool DS Cube Computer Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2014-03-21

Taiwanese case manufacturer Aerocool is known for its affordable enclosures, however that doesn't necessarily imply the products are inferior in design nor quality. Sadly our last encounter with an Aerocool product was not that stellar. The full tower GT-S case was overpriced, especially looking at the build quality and cooling performance it delivered. This more humble looking DS cube could change our state of mind; featuring mATX and mITX compatibility, the provision to install an optical drive, being water cooling ready and even normal sized air coolers can be installed in this Dead Silence Cube. Could this DS be one of the main competitors in the HTPC or portable mini game PC market? Time to open the box to discover the Aerocool's Cube offering.

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Today's reviewed Aerocool's Dead Silence case features a sports car color theme, orange and black, which looks pretty stylish, deviating from the traditional black or white enclosures. For those that find this particular color scheme is not really to their taste, Aerocool included numerous other versions in the DS lineup: pure black, white and black, white, gold and black, pink and black, green and black, blue and black and finally red and black. Secondly the end user has the choice to opt for a windowed or a non-windowed version.







Once unboxed the Aerocool DS is a real eye catcher; one can imagine this case could be the foundation of many mini gaming setups. Nice feature is that you can either opt for the solid top plate with matching color, or opt for the ventilated top plate to create an extra accent and enhance the ventilation. As you can spot there's room for a 240mm radiator. The Cube dimensions are 381mm length, 265mm width and 411mm in height.




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