Cooler Master WAVE Universal Aluminum Stand for iPad and Tablets Presentation

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Thanks to the Wave Stand from Cooler Master we will be able to place our tablet comfortably at a desired angle in both portrait and landscape modes. The stand comes in two color flavors and is built from high quality light-weight aluminum; the rubber grip-pads cover the edges, do not scratch the surface of our tablet and keep it properly fixed on the stand.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Wave tablet stand from Cooler Master is shipped inside a transparent plastic enclosure, which allows us to see how the product looks like without the need of unsealing the box:




Usage instructions can be found on the back, which also remind us that we should not move the central piece more than 135 degrees:




Besides the main product we will get two small leaflets, one with usage instructions and the other one with a warning:




Upon a closer look at the stand, we will be able to see that Cooler Master has used only high quality materials:




Natural rubber grip-pads are used for optimal stability and the surface of our device will be protected this way against scratches:




The stand is slightly curved and at the hinge we will get to see a Cooler Master logo:




Here is a closer look at the hinge again:




If we look on the bottom of the product, we will be able to spot two additional small rubber feet:




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