Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2014-02-07

The latest breed of smartwatches have a lot of integrated stuff and run on Android OS; the TrueSmart from Omate comes with hardware GPS, can receive and make phone calls, browse the web and many more; we could think it as a fully-featured smartphone disguised as a wristwatch. Let's check the product in more detail now, shall we?

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The next smartwatch generation has added a new member from Omate and the project was funded via the well-known TrueSmart Kickstarter campaign. During this campaign, there were multiple stretch goals and all have been completed, exceeding one million dollars. What could we expect from this new generation of smartwatches? These practically contain the hardware of a regular smartphone along with the software so the product can be used standalone but also as a companion. Let’s take a look first at the exterior aspect of the TrueSmart; the watch is a little bulky when compared to the Sony Smartwatch and does come in an all-black variant:




Here is a closer look at the 1.54 inch display which sports a resolution of 240x240 and has a protection of sapphire crystal:




On the left side we have the SIM cover along with the microphone port:




The right side is equipped with two control buttons and in the middle we have the camera lens; we have found that taking photos is a little bit difficult with the lens in this position, but using the camera for recording short clips should not be an issue:




The rubber wristband is another important component of the smartwatch because it contains vital components like the antennas for WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS; because of this, the wristband is not removable:






On the back side of the watch we have a Stainless Steel Alloy cover, holding the logos, but also the contact points for recharging purposes. Depending on the version of the watch, different logos will appear on the back:





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