Toshiba FlashAir Class10 Wi-Fi SD Card Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2014-01-16

The FlashAir Wi-Fi SDHC from Toshiba is available in different capacities of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB, features a well-developed interface for easy access from both our PC and mobile devices without the need of using an extra app and is also built with the Internet Pass Thru functionality for being able to browse the web while being connected to the newly connected network.

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Extra Info, Test Results Part I

After inserting the card into our laptop, we found out that it was pre-formatted to FAT32:




In order to find more details regarding the transfer rates, we fired up HD Tune Pro and ran the Benchmark test:




Next we have ran the File Benchmark test and found out that the card exceeds the specifications of Class10:




For a real-life test, we have copied a large file to the card and then it was transferred back to the HDD; before the file was transferred back, we have rebooted the laptop in order to avoid using a cached version inside the RAM:










Before testing the wireless interface, we have updated the card thanks to the downloadable utility, which also implied removing and reinserting the card for multiple times:




Thanks to FlashAirTool, we are able to customize the advanced functions of the card:





The tool allows us to set a custom SSID for the newly created wireless network, a password, enable the redirecting function, but also the Internet Pass Thru Mode, something that was missing at the Wi-Fi card from Silicon Power:




During the time when the settings are applied, a new window will appear with a progress bar:




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