Shuttle XPC Barebone SZ87R6 Review

Others/All-in-one PC by stefan @ 2014-01-27

Shuttle has refreshed its latest XPC Barebone with a new configuration featuring the Z87 chipset, for allowing installation of the Intel Haswell processors and also features plenty of connectivity options. Thanks to the 500W power supply, we should not have a lot of issues when choosing a high performance video card, two 3.5’’ drives and a CPU with a rated TDP up to 95W.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The Shuttle SZ87R6 XPC Barebone is shipped inside a quite plain medium-sized cardboard box, provided with a handle for easy manipulation:




On one of the sides we will see an attached sticker which shows some of the product technical characteristics:




The insides are carefully protected with foam and the documentation is placed in a separate re-sealable plastic bag:




Besides the previously mentioned documentation, we will also get the power lead and another cardboard box which contains the rest of the bundle:




Shuttle has included two SATA cables, the necessary screws, a LGA socket protective cover, a small tube with thermal compound and also a disk with drivers:




The step-by-step installation procedures are described inside the manual:




The latest XPC barebone sports a familiar size and shape to the previous models we have looked upon:




The frontal cover is made of plastic but has a special texture so it does imitate brushed aluminum:




On the top we have the optical drive bay cover, with a tray release button:




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