Creative T4 2.1 Wireless Speaker System with NFC Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2014-02-03

The newly released 2.1 speaker set from Creative features a solid subwoofer which has a SLAM architecture and delivers quite a boom and is accompanied by two smaller but high quality satellites which should fit without any issues on our work and entertainment desk or why not, to the sides of our TV. The control pod is very handy and besides that the setup features lots of connectivity options, but also an IR remote.

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A Closer Look Part IV

Further to the right we will find a Source button for jumping between Analog and Optical inputs (the LED light will also signal the current status):




The last button is the Bluetooth one (with LED) for pairing:




An Aux-In jack is also present here:




The bottom side of the pod has rubber padding:




The cable ends up with the connector which plugs into the port which is located on the subwoofer:




With the speaker set we also get a wireless remote with multimedia controls and the ability to switch between different inputs and switching on or off the unit:




The remote is powered by a single CR2025 battery:




Creative also supplies a RCA-to-3.5mm jack cable:




Here is a look in the back of the subwoofer unit ready for operation:




With the speaker system we also get the necessary documentation:




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